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Are you paying your staff correctly?

February 2, 2023

The Fair Work Ombudsman conducted proactive investigations at 31 fast food, restaurant and café businesses in Launceston in November 2021, and they have just released the results of their investigations.

Pay slips and record-keeping practices were assessed against the requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009, the Fair Work Regulations 2009, and applicable awards or registered agreements.

The results showed that 24 of the 31 businesses had breached workplace laws.

The most common breaches were:

  • Failure to pay penalty rates - 19 businesses
  • Underpayment of the minimum hourly rate - 18 businesses
  • Pay slips not containing the required information - 4 businesses
  • Failure to pay correct leave allowances - 7 businesses
  • Failure to pay correct overtime allowances - 4 businesses

How can we help?

Quartz Consulting are experts in workplace relations and compliance and can conduct a comprehensive audit of your payroll, human resources and record keeping processes to ensure your business is paying staff in accordance with the appropriate Modern Award or Workplace Agreement. We tailor our audits in a way that is suitable for your business so we don't impact your day to day operations.

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